Studio Gualtiero Gualtieri

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Studio Gualtiero Limited (SGL) & FilmStudio London (FSL)


1. All works, commissions, agreements and engagements are subject primarily to our Terms & Conditions. Commissioning, engaging and/or employing SGL and/or FSL services imply unconditional acceptance of these T&C.


2. In no event and under no circumstances SGL & FSL will be liable for any direct or indirect loss of income or whatever else loss, cost and/or damage directly or indirectly derived from re-scheduling, delay, loss, damaged, partial or faulty delivery of goods or services.

Problems and complains must be in writing and with reason and must be received within the terms detailed in T&C no.3.


3. All complains must be in writing and reach us within the terms below:

  • Damaged goods - within 5 days with photographic or other material evidence.
  • Invoices - within 14 days from receipt.
  • Faulty/defective printed material - within 5 days from receipt.

In presence of a claim or dispute of any nature, SGL/FSL has the right to halt any work being produced and withhold delivery.


4. All rights and/or ownership of concepts, artworks and anything whatsoever produced by SGL & FSL belong fully and exclusively to SGL & FSL until either released in writing or fully paid for and cannot be used in any way or form without our prior written authorisation.

The Client, on engaging SGL/FSL agrees and commits to pay all outstanding fees as and when demanded.


5. Valid accepted communications are 'signed for' and 'registered post' as well as major international couriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT) and email.


6. SGL and FSL only produce an internationally accepted standards of quality work.

All originals and/or materials supplied to SGL and FSL in order to carry out any commissioned work must be of an equally high industry standard and quality. Originals that at our discretion are considered to be of lower quality must be discussed prior to delivering them to SGL &/or FSL.

In order for the work to progress, SGL/FSL may unilaterally decide to proceed with the improvements even if these will cause extra/unforeseen costs and before these are approved by the Client, especially where timing and/or quality are the essence of the commission.

Therefore responsibility for supplying quality originals lies always and exclusively with the Client as does any charge derived from the improvement of such originals. This is to say that responsibility for assessing that the originals/materials supplied to SGL/FSL comply to our standards lies exclusively with the Client prior to supplying them to SGL/FSL.

Where possible, SGL/FSL will provide the Client with an estimate prior to commencing the unforeseen work. However this may not be always possible due to unknown/unforeseen circumstances in the job itself. In this case, whether to progress or to halt the job will be at sole and exclusive discretion of SGL/FSL after considering factors as timing/scheduling/deadlines/quality and other factors related to both or either the Client and ourselves.


7. SGL/FSL reserve the sole right to amend these Terms & Conditions without giving any notice. It is the Client's responsibility to thoroughly read, understand and fully accept these T&C prior to engaging SGL/FSL in any way and form, as well as checking for any subsequent amendment, although major changes will be notified to Customers we will be engaged with at that time.